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What is Portal Design and Development ?

Portal Design & Development is a single access point to various information resources, enterprise and web portals are the collaboration of applications, data sources and content in one single places and make them available for users depending on a variety of business objectives and user roles.

We are a Professional Web Design Company, extending services to redesign clients pre-existing websites thereby adding value in real terms. We understand the terms and terminologies of internet and hence incorporate the most desired tools to perk up the standards of your websites.

Why Should I believe in Web Portal Development?

Web portals provide an organized structure for your content, allowing you to effectively engage website visitors in the most compelling way. Your unique content keeps them coming back. Visitors can be engaged with blogs, commenting, social media, polls, surveys, email marketing, guest bloggers, etc. The great thing about web portals is that they are easy to manage once setup properly and give you the ability to rapidly publish content.

Now a days, different companies find different needs for web portals, and it's often advantage to have more than one. For example, a university might have one portal that students can log in to register for classes or buy a dining plan, while the school might host a separate, secured portal for faculty members to manage attendance, enroll in online professional development, submit grades, etc.

Types of Web Portal
1. Business intelligence portals
2. Corporate portals
3. Ecommerce Portals
4. B2B Ecommerce Portals
5. Content management portals
6. Knowledge Management portals
7. Social Networks