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What is School Bell System ?

The exciting product of our pack is School Bell Software (not hardware). This software runs in offline mode. Through this software you can set up the timing of prayer, recess and all the periods. The bell will ring itself according to the set time.

You can set long or short bell according to the prayer, lunch or periods. It reduces the human efforts of remembering the periods timing and ringing the bell on time. You can modify the timings according to the summers and winters too.

Plays WAV, MP3 and MIDI-files
Any sound effect or song can be used.
Each day of the week can have it's own schedule.
Different sounds for special events
For instance to accent the closing time with another sound.
Fade-out function to use song files
The beginning of a song can be played. After some seconds it fades out to silence. The playing time and the fade-out time can be configured.
Network mode
In a network there is one master installation and several clients. The master controls all the clients, changes to it's schedules will have effect immediately to the client PCs.
Energy save mode
The PC can be set to sleep at night, and will automatically wake up to play the first sound in the morning.
Time synchronisation via Internet
Always the accurate time. Works with all versions of Windows.
Works in background
SchoolBell only needs very little system resources. It can be minimized to tray and works in background, while the PC can be used for other tasks.