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What is School Application ?

We are providing you a School Application. It will keep transparency between school and parents. This is a total satisfaction for all the parents and teachers.

Through this app parents will get all the updates and notification about the school activities, homework, classwork, syllabus, timetable, results, attendance, fee reports etc.

Web Dashboard & Android App Individual school
Academic Session
Send Notice to All Students on One Click
Student-Parents Database Creation
Teacher Details
Add & Manage Class
Add Student one by one or Bulk Entry
Student Promotion - Manage Student Data by Session-wise
Add Class-wise Subject Details
Create & Upload Academic Syllabus
Gallery - Add Photos Events, Function Etc..
Day to Day Class-wise Routine Time Table
Create & Manage Examination, Marks, Grades
Online Attendance Option
Month-wise Attendance Reports
Upload Events, Function Audio-Videos
Create & Uploads Daily Class-wise Class Work, Home Work.