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What is Online Result Portal ?

As in Board Exams results are released online, you can do the same. We will provide you online result portal named Online Result Portal, in which you can release your school's result online.

You can upload the result and filter it with S.R. No., students' Roll No., Students' father's name etc. No one can see it without your permission. You can also release the result classwise. You can hold the result of those students whose fee is due.

School Admin panel
Student/Parents Panel
Active/Deactive Button - Class, Section, Student, Subject, Exem, Result
Hold Result Facialities - Student-wise, Class-wise, Exam-wise
Create Class
Create Section
Student - Add, Edit, Delete
Grade-wise & Marks-wise Result Show Option
Subject - Add, Edit, Delete
Exam - Add, Edit, Delete
Result - Add, Edit, Delete