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Welcome to Emblic Infosoft (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.

Emblic Infosoft (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. strongly belive that each and every school must have all the latest software whether it's small or big school, so that they can survive in the age of competition. We provide best quality products and services including websites in low rate. We try to bring Parents and School together as a community to positively influence the impact of education.

Emblic Infosoft (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. provide dynamic websites with unlimited space and many softwares. Today in every field, show-off and publicity is necessary to grow In this age of internet, website plays a vital role in publicity. It shows all your creativities and efforts. Through website you can share what ever your want, you can upload images, audio, videos. Our developers make websites on PHP, Dotnet, Wordpress. We give our best to fulfill all the reqauirement of customers.

Our Products

Online Demo for School Management Software

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School Management Software

Academic Session
Student Registration
Employee Registration
Bus & Hostel Entry & Fee Management
Attendance & Leave Mang.
Class Promotion
Library Database Manage System
Route Wise Transport Details
Examination Module
Book Supplier Details With Categoriwise Book Details
Fee Due List
Operating User Login Informations
Student Identity Card
Barcode Generators
Management Reports

School Application

Web Dashboard & Android App Individual school
Academic Session
Send Notice to All Students on One Click
Student-Parents Database Creation
Teacher Details
Add & Manage Class
Add Student one by one or Bulk Entry
Student Promotion - Manage Student Data by Session-wise
Add Class-wise Subject Details
Create & Upload Academic Syllabus
Gallery - Add Photos Events, Function Etc..
Day to Day Class-wise Routine Time Table
Create & Manage Examination, Marks, Grades
Online Attendance Option
Month-wise Attendance Reports
Upload Events, Function Audio-Videos
Create & Uploads Daily Class-wise Class Work, Home Work.

School Website

Dynamic Website
Admin Panel (Backend) Dashboard - All Pages Dynamic
Unlimited Pages
About Us
Celebration, Events, Competitions, News & Events Page
Picture Upload
Director′s Desk
Principal′s Desk
Time Table
Admission Form Upload

School Bell System

Plays WAV, MP3 and MIDI-files
Any sound effect or song can be used.
Each day of the week can have it's own schedule.
Different sounds for special events
For instance to accent the closing time with another sound.
Fade-out function to use song files
The beginning of a song can be played. After some seconds it fades out to silence. The playing time and the fade-out time can be configured.
Network mode
In a network there is one master installation and several clients. The master controls all the clients, changes to it's schedules will have effect immediately to the client PCs.
Energy save mode
The PC can be set to sleep at night, and will automatically wake up to play the first sound in the morning.
Time synchronisation via Internet
Always the accurate time. Works with all versions of Windows.
Works in background
SchoolBell only needs very little system resources. It can be minimized to tray and works in background, while the PC can be used for other tasks.

Online Result Portal

School Admin panel
Student/Parents Panel
Active/Deactive Button - Class, Section, Student, Subject, Exem, Result
Hold Result Facialities - Student-wise, Class-wise, Exam-wise
Create Class
Create Section
Student - Add, Edit, Delete
Grade-wise & Marks-wise Result Show Option
Subject - Add, Edit, Delete
Exam - Add, Edit, Delete
Result - Add, Edit, Delete

Our Services

Website Design & Development

Do you have a website and still not getting the desired results? The problem is not in your business, but in your website. Just trust us, as a premier Web Design Company in India, we can redesign your website and give it a boost, you would have never dream of , By availing our Website Redesigning Services

Application Development

The term application development is often used to refer to the activity of computer programming, which is the process of writing and maintaining the source code, whereas the broader sense of the term includes all that is involved between the conception of the desired application through

Web Portal Design & Development

Portal Design & Development is a single access point to various information resources, enterprise and web portals are the collaboration of applications, data sources and content in one single places and make them available for users depending on a variety of business objectives and user roles.